1994 Honda NSX JDM
Weekend Toy Owned by nsxer

  • This is the 2nd baby in the house (my baby daughter is now the 1st! :Smile:)

    It is a 94 NA1 JDM 3.0 V6 Manual Coupe.
    This car has NO EPS installed (non power assisted) so you feel the car totally through the steering. EPS was an option in Japan, I believe

    NB. As per any JDM car that Honda produces, there are some differences to the UK/Euro spec of the NSX. Main differences are:
    • Increase in BHP (not massive but different)
    • Sports Ratio gearbox (better mid range)
    • No 'euro smile' bumper at rear (due to larger no plate for UK/Euro reqs)
    • No headlight washers on front (clean lines up front)
    • Some interior differences (not really noticaeable unless you know NSX's)
    • Longer Rear 3rd level brake light light integrated in spoiler unique to JDM cars for this period of production
    It has been pampered and no expense has been spared since I purchased it back in 2010.
    I will never take away from the cars originality HOWEVER I am keen to make upgrades and tasteful mods where possible and improve on the originality but retain OEM as much as possible.

    It is a 20 year old car now and like any Honda is extremely reliable but does require maintenance. Over the years I have done the following:
    Major engine services including timing belt, water pump, master and slave clutch cylinders etc
    NSX-R Steering wheel boss
    NSX-R Horn button and ring
    Momo tuner steering wheel (as close to NSX-R spec you are gonna get without spending eye-watering cash)
    ABS upgrade to NA2 facelift specification
    NA2 Rear Brake Upgrade and NA2 spec Brake discs all round
    Upgraded brake pads and stainless steel brake lines
    Re build of A/C system - complete (not working on purchase)
    Body respray - Indy Yellow Pearl (custom) NB. Car retains original colour
    Paint protection film
    Refurb of OEM 7 spoke wheels
    Removal of front fog lights repalced with NSX-R covers
    Rear light cluster refresh including centre piece
    BC Racing coilovers (original tired after long service)
    DC Sports manifold replacement
    Custom exhaust
    NSX-R Damperless Clutch and NSX-R clutch pedal
    NSX-R Handbrake button
    NSX-R Chassis re enforcement bars (front)
    Custom bespoke Napa leather interior refresh - seats, A pillars, head lining and sun visors
    Pioneer Head unit
    Customised dashboard instrument cluster
    DIY red stitching on interior
    Type-S gear shift mechanism
    Type-S gear :tut:
    NSX-R replica engine cover
    NSX-R Engine head cover
    NSX-R front H emblem
    OEM replacement front splitter

    Im sure I have missed something. I have a few things in the pipeline for this year and will be doing a major engine refresh which will include LMA replacement etc. Pictures professionally taken in 2013 by local photographer

    Any questions feel free to ask and thanks for looking


  1. Wow, beautiful car!
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  2. I can't be looking at this one any longer, it`s brilliant ! Hopefully once in my garage as well :Smile:
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  3. This is one of the finest examples I've seen. I love that you have chosen to keep as close to OEM as possible. She looks like she just came off the showroom floor with a little extra something. You should be extremely proud, I sure would be.
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    1. nsxer Avatar
      Thank you for the kind words. It's great to know that people like what I am doing.
      nsxer, Saturday 12th Mar, 2016
  4. Beautiful car!! I've seen this in the flesh. I had to take my wee brother over to see it in a car park on the Boucher Road. Hope you don't mind, but I had to take a pic, I'll see if I can dig it out! Also had a mate send me a pic of this car before too! You were at the seafront in Ballycastle! You have stalkers mate :Laughing:
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    1. nsxer Avatar
      i can cope with people coming up to me asking about it, but hopefully NO stalkers!
      If you see me around again, don't be afraid to introduce yourself; more than welcome to have a better look at it.
      many thanks for kind remarks
      nsxer, Wednesday 2nd Mar, 2016
  5. I feel these pictures should be reported as they are basically porn
    THAT car in THAT colour is such a win!!
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  6. @nsxer, I have a question regarding the interior of the car. Would you be able to help?
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    2. bijomaru Avatar
      Is there a glass panel behind the seats separating from the engine compartment? My NSX drive is coming up, and I thought of mounting a camera there on a suction pad to record it. Is there a suitable place for that?
      bijomaru, Monday 30th Mar, 2015
    3. nsxer Avatar
      Yes there is a glass panel.
      Personally I would mount it on the windscreen to get the best view.
      nsxer, Monday 30th Mar, 2015
    4. bijomaru Avatar
      Cheers. I'll have to see on the day. Was thinking about recording it from there just to get a better view of the interior and record me driving it :Smile: It may be the only time I get to drive a NSX so I'd want a good memory of that. Will take the phone mount with me and decide on the day. Thanks!
      bijomaru, Thursday 2nd Apr, 2015
  7. When the speedo goes up to 200mph then you know it's a car that means business! :Smile:
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  8. Gorgeous car - those pictures should be x rated as I am off for a shower now.

    What are the running costs on a car like that? Insurance, fuel etc? Im just curious.
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    2. nsxer Avatar
      In the region of 32k plus due to service history etc
      nsxer, Thursday 4th Sep, 2014
    3. Nighthawk Avatar
      She is gorgeous, I have pinched a few of those pics to have as a wallpaper on my PC. Hope you don't mind, enjoy her mate, she is a gem.
      Nighthawk, Thursday 4th Sep, 2014
    4. nsxer Avatar
      Not a bother, she has changed since then... Few more mods added. Car is in for a detail towards end of month so will get plenty of photos done then of 'new look'
      nsxer, Thursday 4th Sep, 2014
  9. WOW !
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  10. Speechless by that beauty.Best one i have seen so far.
    Hats of to you sir :Hey:.Us mortals can only dream about having such a wonderful car
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