1st Generation Civic - Kermit
Previously Owned Owned by HondaHeritage

  • My first 1st Generation Civic i bought 5 years ago off gumtree under household clearance section I pulled it out of a garage where it had sat since 1989.
    Full history and 4000 miles on the clock it took me a week to recommission it and due to being covered under blankets the whole time it polished up like new !!!!

    Due to the colour as you will see it got the nick name Kermit by all that saw it :Smile:

    i eventually sold the car due to its originality ,low mileage i felt it was a museum piece and far to valuable to use as a regular drive
    the new owner that bought the car from me built a new garage for it !! but does run it out every now and then
    it resides in the manchester area,i must say sorely missed
  1. What an amazing ride ... She is really something to behold. Talk about bringing back some memories ... WOW!!
    She really cleaned up well ... showroom fresh. Sounds like the new owner will give her the comfort she deserves. Thanks for sharing!!
  2. looks good, especially seeing the old style radio in it. can you put the old style reg plates though?
  3. A real beauty Slim. Only the best have a new garage built for them.
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