2.0i Exec
Daily Driver Owned by Trigano

  • Just purchased this really clean Accord. One owner, Full Honda service history. 81k miles. Will be daily driver for a while. Had last car for 7 1/2 years (Saab diesel) not the most reliable. Hence the reason for the Honda.
  1. Hi, all. Thanks for the positive comments. Took a while to find as had been looking for a while but really pleased with. Drives really well and seems really solid everywhere. Had to take to garage to get locking wheel nuts off (no key) and they put up on the ramp and it looks really solid underneath as well. Will add more pictures when taken.
  2. hello , I had the same color 2.0 sedan version, ( 1999) a wonderful engine in a real enjoing car!
    now over 100K mine is driven by my parents.
    It seems you got a very nice car!!!!!!!
  3. Looks like you've landed a well cared for Accord.
    Please add more photographs when you can.
  4. Looks in great nick and should serve you very well.
  5. Congrats ! With full Honda service history she's been well looked after so should serve you well.
  6. Just purchased, one owner, full service history, 81k. Really pleased with it so far.
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