2000 HONDA Integra Type-R JDM
Weekend Toy Owned by justlooking

  • 2000 JDM Type Rx

    If you don't know Type Rx is the runout model Type-R with a few extra goodies thrown in

    My full build thread on the ITR-DC2 forum (sorry you'll need to register to see it.... :Frown: )

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    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Plate-type LSD (unknown brand - probably Cusco - fitted to the car in Japan by previous owner)
    Synchrotech/Mfactory carbon synchromesh
    Optional rear strut brace
    UK Speedometer
  1. very nice indeed
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  2. Very nice!
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  3. That looks great!!
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    1. Garrydhu Avatar
      Nice motor,saw one locally here last week, guess what the tax was ?over e1,000
      Garrydhu, Saturday 20th Feb, 2016
  4. Is that an import model then? I know the UK ones have the four round lights at the front. You see this front end on the USDM ones too.
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    2. justlooking Avatar
      quite a few small differences - other than the obvious front end, the imports all have a different exhaust system and ECU (about 10extra bhp in total).
      justlooking, Friday 28th Nov, 2014
    3. justlooking Avatar
      Late models like mine have a different manifold to earlier models which brings the torque a bit further down the revs, but not much!
      Also different suspension settings, 16" wheels rather than 15", some small additional weight savings. Some imports also have no ABS, no AC & no Airbags to save more weight, although mine has all these the same as a UK model.
      justlooking, Friday 28th Nov, 2014
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      Some different interior bits, also some (like mine) have remote locking & power fold mirrors. not much in it really, just the JDM fanboi factor really :Smile:
      justlooking, Friday 28th Nov, 2014
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