2003 Accord CM3
Backup Car Owned by kalinorela

  1. Wow indeed! Thats a super rare example :Smile: lots potential :Smile:
  2. Are you in the UK mate? if so this is the first ever CM3 in the country. can't believe they offered HFT on the PFL cars in Japan.

    Love the two reversing lights and rear privacy glass, which the 7th Generation Tourer only got on one model towards its latter years.
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    1. kalinorela Avatar
      Yes, I'm in the UK. The car is in South Africa at the moment as I used to work there for a while. I am looking at option to ship it here probably next year.
      kalinorela, Tuesday 30th Dec, 2014
  3. Props on the very rare model, many here would love a AWD 7th Generation!
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  4. WOW we have a CM3 on here brilliant! Bet that a thirsty beast,
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    1. kalinorela Avatar
      on the highway i get about 35MPG (8l/100km)
      in the city and traffic though its much worse 22MPG (13l/100km)
      kalinorela, Saturday 27th Dec, 2014