2004 Accord 3.0V6 VTEC
Previously Owned Owned by simonp101

  • Bought this car in 2007 while living in Australia. It is a Thai built model based on the American spec Accord. Has a 3.0 V6 VTEC engine with about 230hp.
  1. Lovely accord - you can give me your citizenship, I have been trying to get over to Oz for quite a while now, absolutely love the place
  2. She's a smashing Accord. 3.0 V6. Now that would be fun to drive. :vtec:
    1. simonp101 Avatar
      Yes it was. A real sleeper too.
      simonp101, Monday 9th Mar, 2015
  3. Wow the 7th Generation UKDM\JDM dash being shared on the V6 Accord, Steering looks like the 2nd Generation CR-V. Nice ride bud.

    Why did you leave oz mate?
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    1. simonp101 Avatar
      Hi Ichiban, I left Oz mainly for family reasons. We are citizens so we can go back whenever we want. In Oz this model and the UK spec 7th Generation were sold side by side. Both models were made in Thailand. The "standard" Accord was available with either a 2.4 4cyl or 3.0 V6. The "Euro" Accord was available only with the 2.4 4cyl but was slightly more powerful than the 2.4 in the standard model. I liked this one as it was really quick and very smooth. I replaced it with a Focus ST in 2011.
      simonp101, Monday 9th Mar, 2015
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