2004 Accord K24
Daily Driver Owned by JTG

  • Ex dealer demo with full Type-S body kit & grill, factory xenons.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Full LED conversion.
    6000k Xenon headlights.
    6000k Xenon main beam.
    HEKO wind deflectors.
    Type-S grill.
    Rear visor.
    Red Honda badges.
    XCarLink USB/AUX module.
  1. Very fine example would love to see more :Thumbup:
  2. Would love an Type-S, this is stunning in blue. Looks amazing!!
  3. She looks well cared for.
    Add some daytime photographs. That blue should look stunning in sunlight...when we get some!
    1. JTG Avatar
      It has been to an extend. Just one owner from new, but it wasn't completely perfect. Driver's heated seat not working is doing my nut in. Also because they weren't doing many miles in it at all, he thought it was unnecessary to have it services as frequently, so I had to quickly empty out the sludge that was in there. Will do another change in a few months so that will act as kind of a flush.

      More pictures will follow!
      JTG, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
  4. Very nice, them fogs look great
    1. JTG Avatar
      They the old yellow ones! I took these pictures right before I put the LED ones in.
      JTG, Friday 2nd Jan, 2015
  5. She's looking really well mate.
  6. Love that body kit, she looks gorgeous.
    1. JTG Avatar
      Thanks. LED fog lights went in today and look great. I'm waiting on quite a few bits and have a fair few things planned.
      JTG, Friday 2nd Jan, 2015
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