2005 2.0 Civic Type-S
Daily Driver Owned by Elwab

  • Recently acquired my 2005 Honda Civic Type-S, with VSA and the 17" Penta alloys.

    But of a change from my previous car, a 1999 2nd Generation MX5, but my 9 month old son has started nursery and I share the dropping off and picking up duties, so the 5 had to go! My Mrs has a Citroen C1 which is fine for her and the boy's bits and pieces, but we needed something more family orientated with a much bigger boot. I also wanted something a bit sporty/fun, I just couldn't bring myself to buy anything too sensible or boring!

    It needs a few things sorting out, already acquired a new bluetooth stereo to replace the stock one, and the gear :tut: is worn so have got a "Skunk2" knock-off replacement. The headlights need some attention, as shown in the pic, but i'll get round to that in due course. Tempted to change the silver centre console, possibly getting it flocked, which is something i did to my MX5, but that'll have to wait!

    Only a couple of pictures because it's just a standard car at the moment, i'm sure that'll change a bit sooner or later though!
  1. Sweet motor! Great choice for a balance between family and fun, hope to see more soon :Smile:
  2. :Smile:Nice looking car! One of the last of this type. I do like those wheels on the Civic. Look forward to seeing some of your work on it. Please keep us updated with pics as well.
  3. Cheers, only thing i'm not enjoying so far is the enormous turning circle, my attempts at parking have been hilariously all over the place!
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    1. legend-ary Avatar
      Haha are you sure It's the turning circle but the electrical power steering playing havoc with your brain?? Took me a while to get used to one in my Jazz (similar design, single stage assist)
      legend-ary, Wednesday 1st Jun, 2016
    2. BB Baboonface Avatar
      It's about 12 metres or something like that, makes for fun times! lol.
      BB Baboonface, Sunday 9th Oct, 2016
  4. clean looking Type-S with Accord's penta wheels! very nice.
    I am sure with a bit of time and effort you will get it running to your liking. we have a couple of very nice Type-S in the club garage which might give you more ideas :Fear:
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