2005 Civic Type-S
Previously Owned Owned by Ads81

  • 2005 Type-S bought needing tlc sold as loved! Almost brings a tear to my eye looking at the pictures.
  1. Great looking CTS. Any further plans for her?
    1. Ads81 Avatar
      Sadly not as I sold it 2 years ago! Picking up an FR-V tomorrow though so who knows what might happen to that.
      Ads81, Friday 24th Jul, 2015
    2. Nels Avatar
      My mistake. Missed the 'Previously Owned' Good luck with the FR-V!
      Nels, Friday 24th Jul, 2015
  2. They were the same as the Accord wheels but were the original wheels for the car. I fell for the car as soon as I saw the pictures but had to do all sorts to make it right for the road. The previous owner hadn't bothered much with it and it needed brakes all round, SRS light wouldn't knock off and the air conditioning was shot. took a while but got it right in the end and loved every minute of driving it.
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  3. That looks great, are those Penta's off the Accord? They look really good on it.
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