Daily Driver Owned by Rocka Fella

  1. What a lovely Type-S saloon.
    Top marks to you fella :Smile:
  2. The N1. Going through the Karoo, dead dead straight road, no traps etc. Perfect stretch to let the car just open up and breath. It was in the Karoo where my Ballade decided to go on holiday.
  3. After my drive down the M40 the other day, I'd love to get me car onto the N2 as well. Wouldn't mind the Joburg to Cape Town drive as well.
  4. Ja boet, Grahamstown. My brother went to the uni there. I think its a security complex too, the houses all match in style, although it looks like the car was bought at Tygerburg Honda looking at the rear sticker. Man, thats the N2 stretch along the garden route. I would love to drive that in my car.
  5. Lekker car :Grin:. Strange to see an open driveway with no electric fencing. Must be in a security complex :Laughing:.

    CF... Where in the Cape is that again ? Grahamstown, if memory serves ?
  6. Thought I recognised the plate design and ADT sign - @RogerH69, found us a fellow SA boekie :clap:

    Nice car @Rocka Fella