2006 Honda CR-V
Daily Driver Owned by Eureka

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    The car came to me with full main dealer service history and a huge folder that includes every item the car has had done to it.
  1. Nice CR-V. Mine is the same year and an auto too but I wish I had some of them options. Bet the first owner paid an arm and a leg for them. Interested to know what you averaging to the gallon
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    1. Eureka Avatar
      Rough average MPG is mid to low 20's.
      Depends on usage. Knocking around town the mpg can take a hit where on longer runs on the motorway it can do a lot better than expected (providing the speed is kept sensible)
      Eureka, Friday 12th May, 2017
  2. wow that is quite heavily loaded up with excellent optional extras,nice one :BooYeah:
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  3. An Ex with extras and in smashing condition too. No wonder you bought her. :Niceone:
    Please add some interior shots when you can.
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  4. That looks a lovely well kept, feature packed CR-V :Smile:
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