2006 Honda CR-V
Backup Car Owned by Eureka

  • CR-V with factory options including:-

    factory style pack (flared wheel arches, side steps, front bumper protector/bull bar, front skid plate)
    factory privacy glass
    factory parking sensors
    factory Bluetooth
    Drivers storage armrest
    Team Heko wind deflectors

    LED bulbs used in sidelamps, numberplate lamps, interior lamps, dash lighting
  1. Nice CR-V. Mine is the same year and an auto too but I wish I had some of them options. Bet the first owner paid an arm and a leg for them. Interested to know what you averaging to the gallon
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    1. Eureka Avatar
      Rough average MPG is mid to low 20's.
      Depends on usage. Knocking around town the mpg can take a hit where on longer runs on the motorway it can do a lot better than expected (providing the speed is kept sensible)
      Eureka, Friday 12th May, 2017
  2. wow that is quite heavily loaded up with excellent optional extras,nice one :BooYeah:
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  3. An Ex with extras and in smashing condition too. No wonder you bought her. :Niceone:
    Please add some interior shots when you can.
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  4. That looks a lovely well kept, feature packed CR-V :Smile:
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