2007 HONDA Accord Tourer EX
Daily Driver Owned by Brodziu

  1. really nice. Mud flaps would enhance it even more.
  2. Stunning - Simple !!
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  3. i want one,thats a beauty
  4. Stunning motor! What grill is that? :Smile:
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    2. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      No it doesn't unfortunately, you need a Facelift bumper as the sizes are quite difference.

      I do actually happen to have a Facelift bumper and that specific grill going... but some of the yanks were after the grill as it's highly sought after out there :lol:
      DeviateDefiant, Wednesday 8th Oct, 2014
    3. JamesS Avatar
      Well, that's handy, what sort of money you looking for? :Smile:
      JamesS, Wednesday 8th Oct, 2014
    4. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      Let's take this to PM :Smile:
      DeviateDefiant, Wednesday 8th Oct, 2014
  5. Evo wheels suit the tourer.
  6. great tourer
    Stunning :Smile:
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  7. Gorgeous looking car!
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  8. Thanks for adding more pics Brodziu.Fantastic looking tourer,like it a lot.
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