2007 JDM FD2 Civic Type-R
Weekend Toy Owned by webbie

  • pictures here in japan bought from jm-imports in April 2013
  1. Absolutely stunning :dribble::dribble:
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  2. Awesome car! Love FDs, so cool! What colours do they do these in? Is it the same as the DC5 colours?
  3. Gorgeous car and would have been top of the list as my four door if the budget would have stretched a lil further :Smile:
  4. What a car. Love it. Absolutely love it.
  5. Just made a little mess in trouser department.That is porn on wheels.
    I am very very and i mean very jealous.
    Enjoy it.
  6. here in the uk on the north Yorkshire moors
    here with my old ek9
  7. landed in the uk in july 2013 and under prep full inderseal and service
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  8. Fastest K-Series Honda out there, big props. A phenomenal car all round.
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