2009 Accord 2.0 Auto
Daily Driver Owned by mtdk

  • This car is new to me, so Pretty standard :Smile:

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    None (yet)
  1. Nice Accord. I love Buran Silver. I notice you said you're not sure of which grade it is. I would guess it's an EX as it has the EX Star alloys. These also came on 2009 ES GT but it hasn't got the side skirts and bumpers of the ES GT.

    I notice you've got headlight washers. We don't get these on EX in the UK unless you order Advanced Driver Assist System with Active cornering lights and then it comes as an option as part of that pack. Headlight washers also came as standard on the EX-GT in the UK (EX-GT was i-DTEC only).

    EX in the UK came with parking sensors as standard but it's quite possible this was a difference between the UK market EX and the European Market EX.
    1. mtdk Avatar
      I checked the papers I got on the Accord, and found that its an Elegance model - but Im unsure what this converts to in the UK :Smile:
      mtdk, Wednesday 24th Sep, 2014
    2. John Dickson Avatar
      Not sure but I think Elegance is the mainland Europe equivalent of EX here in UK.
      John Dickson, Wednesday 24th Sep, 2014
    3. mtdk Avatar
      Thanks :Smile: I guess these are a bit different from the
      UK models when it comes to models/grades. Mine doesnt have parking sensors etc.
      mtdk, Tuesday 30th Sep, 2014
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