2009 Accord 2.2 i-DTEC
Daily Driver Owned by Freekki

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    BC Racing coilovers, 18" AVA Phoenix Wheels, wind deflectors, LED interior and number plate lights, front footwell lights

    To do:
    new windscreen & wipers
    sport grille if I find one somewhere fairly cheap
    painting the rear deck black
    window tinting
    rear spoiler (OEM or aftermarket),
    some plastidipping :Grin:
    maybe spacers for rear wheels
    camber correction to get the coilovers approved
    LED fogs
  1. yes but he came of because it wasn't fit properly now the trunk will be repainted again i just had him 2 weeks ago repaint the car completly. and now there is not way that the spoiler comes back again because it needs an adjustment but i don't know where they can do that.

    but i hear soon of the new picture's
    i work also on new beautifull pictures

    and the power is enough i understand but the advantage of a chip tuning it runs better also in low rpm's it was for me also not more power but smoother running from engine. but that's mine experience i wanted to tell you
  2. hey very nice job you did . my spoiler just came of because terrible montage.
    but do you have picture's of your rear spoiler.
    because i know there is no original spoiler for the dtec.
    also do you have picture's of your tinted windows.

    and a tip from me i have the dtec chiptunend makes your smile much bigger costs in holland around 350 euro.
    but nice car , and do you have also the premium audiosystem last week i upgraded this because the standard speakers sounded terrible.

    greetings edwin
    1. Freekki Avatar
      Tinting and spoiler are on the "to do"-list, so no pictures yet. Hopefully during spring/summer. I will add pictures if I can make them happen. I see you had the bigger spoiler on, I was thinking about the Type-S lip spoiler.
      Did you also remove DPF when you had yours tuned? I've been thinking about it but for now the current power has been enough.
      Freekki, Tuesday 26th Apr, 2016
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