2011 2.0 i-VTEC saloon
Daily Driver Owned by i-DSI

  • Elegance trim is not sold in UK. On mainland, you have Comfort (entry), Elegance, Executive and Type-S.
    Honda original accessorries: Delta 18inch wheels (summer use), sport grille, HFT, compact sat-nav, trunk inlay, floor mats, mud guards, roof rack, detachable towing hook and bike carrier.
    Special aftermarket accessories (end 2012):
    - DEFA 220V electrical engine heater and bluetooth OBD connector for smartphone.
    DEFA 220V electrical engine block heater (Engine & Gearbox - )
    - Aftermarket HID conversion kit installed (broke down 10 months later... transformer defect).
    (Opened thread for details on DEFA and HID).
    End March 2014
    - installed removable towing hitch (Honda original),
    - bought bike carrier (also Honda original)
    - roof rack (yes, also Honda original :Grin:).
    November 2014:
    - bought 2nd hand (Honda Original) 18 inch Delta wheels
    December 2014:
    - bought a 2nd hand sports grille in wrong colour. Sure, Honda Original. Will be repainted!
    => this is getting a well equipped car!
    March 2015:
    And add to this.... rear parking sensors. Ordered via Ebay, Cobra Automotive. Expect them to arrive tomorrow or Friday. No Honda originals this time. The price difference was huge: over 500 euro for HAC-E Honda's and the Cobra's are only 130 euro's. Cobra Automotive supplies also sensors to Honda and others (OEM).
    Couldn't withstand the temptation: I ordered (again) an HID kit, as the front bumper needs to go off anyhow to install the sport grill.
    HID Xenon H11 Kit Pro CAN-BUS | HID Xenon Verlichting
    This one is a bit more expensive than the first one I bought and looks like the transformers are better quality. I picked 4300 Kelvin again so I can still use the spare bulbs I have from the first kit.
    27 March: sport gille, Delta wheels and HID mounted!
    29 March: parking sensors mounted and bumper replaced (accident...) a lot of pictures added of the work.
    4 April: added some pics after a quick wash today! Enjoy.
    11 March 2015: bought a Thule roofbox. Ocean 200 (450 l content). Comfortable when you leave for 7 nights with 5 persons!!
    August 2016: major body work repair (three doors, front wing, sils, respray of both sides.
    10 November 2016: first time winter tyres on my car, 16 inch. 18 inch Yokohama's are end of life. 168600 km.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    DEFA 220V electrical engine heater,
    DEFA 220V electrical engine block heater (Engine & Gearbox - )
    bluetooth OBD connector for smartphone, detachable towing hitch, bike carrier, roof rack, 18 inch Honda Delta wheels, sports grille, HID kit, rear parking sensors (Cobra Automotive).
    Did a mod to improve LED lighting in footwell:
    Guides - Ambient Footwell Lighting Improvement
    Thule Ocean 200 roofbox (promotion at Auto5).
    Winter tyres: Nokian WR D4 16R 205/60 92H (Tyres & Wheels - )
    Added a picture in the garage section of the new tyres mounted on the car.
  1. Deltas and the grill make a difference
    1. ZeroZ Avatar
      I totally agree
      ZeroZ, Monday 14th Nov, 2016
  2. This Silver colour gives Accord awesome look :Smile:
    1. i-DSI Avatar
      Thanks man. But there's some bad news: I'm looking for second hand front wing left, two left doors and right hand rear door...
      All badly damaged. All my own fault. She needs some care.
      i-DSI, Friday 10th Jun, 2016
    2. Futch@ Avatar
      That sometimes happens unfortunately but you will get it to shiny shape again soon :Wink:
      Futch@, Friday 10th Jun, 2016
  3. Deltas, grill and HID's :Happy:
    Such a transformation.
  4. Lovely looking 8th Generation.
    1. i-DSI Avatar
      Just wait a few weeks! I'll add some extra pictures after her transformation.
      i-DSI, Saturday 21st Mar, 2015
  5. It's great to see the gradual evolution of your Accord as you update and improve it :Thumbup:

    Your first comment about "the mainland" made me smile too - it reminded me of the (alleged) 1930's British newspaper headline, "Fog in Channel - Continent cut off."

  6. looking good! :Thumbup:
  7. Since looking ride with 16 inch wheels ! could you please do a write up on the DEFA 220V electrical engine heater.