2011 2.0 i-VTEC saloon
Daily Driver Owned by i-DSI

  1. Deltas and the grill make a difference
    1. ZeroZ Avatar
      I totally agree
      ZeroZ, Monday 14th Nov, 2016
  2. This Silver colour gives Accord awesome look :Smile:
    1. i-DSI Avatar
      Thanks man. But there's some bad news: I'm looking for second hand front wing left, two left doors and right hand rear door...
      All badly damaged. All my own fault. She needs some care.
      i-DSI, Friday 10th Jun, 2016
    2. Futch@ Avatar
      That sometimes happens unfortunately but you will get it to shiny shape again soon :Wink:
      [email protected], Friday 10th Jun, 2016
  3. Deltas, grill and HID's :Happy:
    Such a transformation.
  4. Lovely looking 8th Generation.
    1. i-DSI Avatar
      Just wait a few weeks! I'll add some extra pictures after her transformation.
      i-DSI, Saturday 21st Mar, 2015
  5. It's great to see the gradual evolution of your Accord as you update and improve it :Thumbup:

    Your first comment about "the mainland" made me smile too - it reminded me of the (alleged) 1930's British newspaper headline, "Fog in Channel - Continent cut off."

  6. looking good! :Thumbup:
  7. Since looking ride with 16 inch wheels ! could you please do a write up on the DEFA 220V electrical engine heater.