2011 Honda Accord 2.0 EX
Daily Driver Owned by earthsciencer1

  • 2011 Petrol with 2.0 engine.

    Standard EX spec

    Daily Driver

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  1. Nice one,, are those the 17inch OEM quartz allows?
    1. earthsciencer1 Avatar
      Hi and thanks for the comments. The wheels are exactly the ones that were supplied with the car when I bought it as a pre-reg (no miles) in May 2014 - it had been registered in September 2013. I hope that this answers your question.
      earthsciencer1, Wednesday 21st Sep, 2016
  2. Very nice Accord and in best colour.
  3. Looks stunning in Cobalt Blue
  4. Beautiful colour, damn...
    You should upload more photos, the car looks stunning...
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  5. A great colour CW3 you've got there.
    1. earthsciencer1 Avatar
      Thanks very much. I love it too. Apologies but I seem to have made a mess of updating the car details from the previous Tourer and have ended up with a mix of information. Apologies if this causes any problem.
      earthsciencer1, Thursday 23rd Oct, 2014
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