2015 Fireblade SP
Owned by n13ldo

  1. Thats posh, nice.
  2. There's some of me on the Blade in this video, if you're really bored and looking for something to watch:
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  3. How come you only got one of the GB racing protectors mate what about the other two.?
    1. n13ldo Avatar
      That was an early photo. I did get the other for the right side but not the left. The bike as ABS and there's a large plastic shroud on the left hand side. So decided f*ck it, if I go down will try to make it a righty.
      n13ldo, Monday 18th Jul, 2016
  4. Can't find the image delete facility. Middle image can go, if a Mod is lurking ;-) Thx.
    1. legend-ary Avatar
      Done. Or have I deleted the wrong one?? :Grin:
      legend-ary, Monday 18th Jul, 2016
    2. n13ldo Avatar
      Perfect thanks.
      n13ldo, Monday 18th Jul, 2016
  5. Sweet Ride Mate please do load up more pictures please
  6. The VFR wins for general use but for a day out with the boys (and girls) the Blade it is :Smile:
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  7. Fantastic bike with great livery! which one of the two do you prefer?
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