2nd Type-R
Previously Owned Owned by Superman001

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Bridgestone Potenza's in 215/45/17's instead of 205's, EBC drilled and grooved front discs, Goodridge braided lines with Super Blue Fluid.
    JDM rear anti roll bar, ES Energy engine mount inserts.
    Hondata modded OEM airbox with OEM filter.
    Supersprint 2.5 unsilenced stainless steel b-pipe.
    Spoon N1 replica backbox.
  1. Love to see more details of the high comp K24 engine.

    Add some info to your project log @Superman001
    I'm pondering building a high comp engine so would love to hear the finer details.

    Has it been mapped yet ? Bet it pulls like mad now with the extra torque. Run it on higher octane fuel and you'll make best use of the higher compression.
  2. I've just fitted a high compression K24 to this car..
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  3. Return of the CTR. You really do have the bug now. :Grin:
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    1. Superman001 Avatar
      I really do, if I had a large garage or a unit I would probably have half a dozen old Honda's. I would to do a big n/a build in a small Civic hatch, maybe EP3 or EK9 and drop in a K24 bottom end with K20 head and aggressive cams and aim for 300bhp/200lbft minimum.
      Superman001, Friday 27th Mar, 2015
  4. Very Nice :Thumbup:
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  5. So you did miss your first CTR then :Smile:
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      After the first I bought an E90 320d and despite it being remapped to 200bhp/295lbft I still missed petrol Honda's.
      Superman001, Thursday 26th Mar, 2015
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