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  1. Well I checked the engine today and it is definitely a K20A9 (see photo). In fact I could have just checked the V5.
    1. SpeedyGee Avatar
      That's interesting, did you have any problems getting insurance ? Reason I ask whenever I've looked, all the insurance search engines only list 1.8 Petrol or 2.2 diesel option against Honda FR-V.
      SpeedyGee, Tuesday 20th Jan, 2015
    2. laurentjanot Avatar
      I used the car reg for insurance and did not have any problem. What year of manufacture did you enter? They stopped making the 2.0L from 2008.
      laurentjanot, Friday 30th Jan, 2015
  2. I think the FR-V was a much under rated vehicle. It's a pity Honda didn't persevere with an MPV, although I guess they'd argue the CR-V does a similar job, especially as there is no 7 seat option.

    Nice colour combination, hope she serves you well. Sure she will, after all...:sparta:
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    1. laurentjanot Avatar
      I agree, it's a shame they stopped the 6-seater MPV. It’s perfect for travelling with kids!
      The engine could do with a little more grunt but for a petrol MPV it does ok.
      laurentjanot, Saturday 17th Jan, 2015
  3. If it's petrol then it'll be an R18. There is no K20 engined UKDM model.
  4. If it was a import it would have been an auto mate. That is a UKDM and with the best engine TBH.

    Does your car have sat nav?
    1. laurentjanot Avatar
      Sorry I took the engine code from the handbook. I didn't check under the bonnet as it was dark. I'll correct it tomorrow :Smile:.

      Unfortunately it doesn't have sat nav. I really wish it did. What I miss the most though is an AUX input.
      laurentjanot, Wednesday 14th Jan, 2015
  5. Looking good.

    A K20 FR-V ... now that's a rarity in the UK :Smile:

    Is she an import ?
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    1. laurentjanot Avatar
      I must have taken the wrong engine code (from the handbook) and I will correct it tomorrow when I can see it in the daylight ;-). Sorry for the confusion!
      laurentjanot, Wednesday 14th Jan, 2015
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