6th Generation
Track Project Owned by Jamierko7

  • I bought the car in July 2014 for £300 with 12 months MOT. It's given me no issues at all over the 18 months it was on the road (it needed a few things for the last MOT but nothing major). I got a new car in January 2016 so the Accord came off the road and I decided it was time to turn to the track. Updates coming.

    (Photos were taken the day I got the car, the horrible dent in the bonnet has gone now)
  1. So I've put the Accord on a diet, because of my shift patterns at work I've only been able to have an hour after work before it goes dark to do anything with it, but I've removed the rear seats, door cards, seatbelts, boot liner and all plastics/carpets in the rear, speakers and other little gubbins. The plan is to eventually have her fully stripped (including dashboard) with 1 lightweight racing seat, fibreglass gauge surround, even as far as an aluminium pedal box but ill get more into that at a later date). I've got a friend who works with fibreglass so he is going to get me a mould for the bonnet, bootlid and front wings (possibly the doors as well) and I'm going to replace the door windows and rear screen with Perspex/plexiglass. I'm trying to source Type-R wishbones, hubs and brakes but it's proving difficult.

    I'm going to leave the engine alone for now, eventually it will be swapped but until I know what route I'm going down im running it as it is.

    If anyone needs anything at all from the interior let me know, i won't ask for anything for it you'll just have to organise delivery/collection.
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      This should be interesting to follow. Look forward to seeing things develop.
      SpeedyGee, Wednesday 9th Mar, 2016
  2. Bargain motoring! What are your plans for the track with it?
  3. glad to hear she served you well..what plans do you have for her? more power or handling upgrades?
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