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  • 95 honda Civic dx not lowered yet or rims upgraded b18 motor non turbo but soon it will. What makes it special is that it is rusted and looks like crap but will out run most of my buddys cx

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    B18 swap straight piped cold air intake upgraded headers upgraded spark plugs & spark plug wires modified fuel rail and alot of time spent on normal repairs

    Service History & Related Threads

    Abandon for 6 years and then into a mechanics hands where it should be
  1. so today i almost got in a wreck with the Civic if you want to know the full story it is on my instagram most recent pic @thatstonerkidd24
  2. Got new stickers because im broke and i wanted new stickers lol
  3. Looks a good project, love to hear more about in the Project Log :Smile:
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    1. 95civic Avatar
      Will do for sure she has some intense rust but super straight body
      95civic, Tuesday 19th May, 2015
  4. A smashing project Tyler.
    You have your own Project Log section where you can put down as much, or as little detail of all the work you do on her. :goodluck:
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      Thanks means alot I've put in so much money to keep her running and roaring around these streets
      95civic, Tuesday 19th May, 2015
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