Accord 1.8 SE
Previously Owned Owned by Mike c

  • This car stood pride of place as a new Accord before becoming a demonstrator. I snapped it up and owned it for just over 4 years and was my pride and joy.

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  1. They are similar wheels on the Type-R but only in style, they are 16inch 4 stud and the Type-R has 17inch 5 stud.
  2. Lovely. And I thought my Red 1.8LS was the bees knees!! I have similar wheels too. They were a £500 option when buying new. Rumoured not many made and used ones very rare on flea bay. I suspect they were made for the Type-R Accord

  3. As mentioned I owned the car for just over 4 years which is unlike me. I normally get itchy feet after about 12 months for another car. I worked at a VW dealership for 3.1/2 months selling new and used cars so the Honda remained polished and warm in my garage. When I moved on from theVW into anew job , I decided to go for a new Civic which had just been released . Although I like the Civic I missed my beautiful Red Accord. I had a diesel Civic before buying a diesel 8th Generation Accord and more lately my CR-V. As a matter of interest the picture was taken just before I sold it and there wasn't a single blemish on the car, inside or out!. I followed the car about 12 months later whilst driving my lorry and it was filthy and the driver was smoking while driving the car . I could have cried.
  4. Smart move to snap her up Mike. Those 5 Split Spoke Alloys stand out. I don't think they were stock. Did she have any other upgrades?
  5. R81 is all its glory, can't wait to own my first one after so long! @mike c need more pictures.
  6. She looks just fantastic - why did you sell her?