Accord 1.8 Sport
Daily Driver Owned by Superman001

  • My 1999 Jaguar XJ8 is being temperamental at the moment so I got this as a daily driver.

    2002 1.8 Sport, 2 previous owners, 110k and 13 stamps in the service log.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Standard apart from K & N lifetime panel filter and Magnecor Electrosport HT leads.
  1. Not a very exciting update. The old Accord was treated to a new exhaust today at 13 years old and 125600 miles and then taken for its MOT which it passed with no advisories.
  2. Not a very exciting update im afraid but the car has now done just over 125k. It was serviced at 110k when I got her, new oil and filter at 117k and again at 124k so now the car has had 16 services in 125k.

    Although I originally bought the car as a reliable daily it has now become my only car and im considering getting a 7th Generation 2.0 or 2.4 for a weekend runabout.
  3. That's excellent, you'll easily get another 10 years out of her if she's well serviced.
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  4. Paid £1050, its got 10 months MOT and tax.
  5. Looks brilliant mate, good find!

    How much did it cost out of interest?
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  6. Looking good fella.
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  7. Looking good Superman001
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