Accord 2.2 i-CTDI 2006
Daily Driver Owned by balllus

  • 2006 with 2.2 i-CTDI engine.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    UPDATE on 16/04/2016
    so i installed front and rear TypeS lips together with grill. side skirts waiting for repainting but i'm already happy with the look :Grin: only problem is ehxaust as i have no cover for rear bumper :Smile: right exhaust going to be done on next days off :Smile:
    since i own this car i have done few thing:
    - ISC coilovers
    - TypeS lipkit
    - both chains done together with tensioners, guides etc
    - rx8 alloys
    - i'm in the middle of wraping "wood" inside of a car
    - exhaust manifold fixed
    - new DMF and clutch installed
    - sunblinds installed
    - services max. every 8k miles ( OEM filter - ALWAYS! )
    - "wooden" interior parts wraped in matte brown (my first wraping so there gonna be few changes as i'm happy with resault but i know it can be done better)
    and a lot more..

    I love this car so i believe it is worth every single penny and minute which i have spend on it :Wink:
  1. [​IMG]
    New color of wheels
  2. Great looking car, the RX8 wheels work really well!
  3. Dropped and with those RX8 alloys, she looks mean !
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  4. Update!! Coilovers installed... 2photos added
  5. yeah i'm happy with look now. i mean i need to lower it but as I wrote in description... coilovers are on their way :Smile:)
  6. Amazing how the alloys transform her appearance.
  7. small update after long time
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