Accord 2.2 I-CTDI SE Edition
Previously Owned Owned by Dragos

  1. The previous owner was a woman, and she took very good care of her fortunatedly, no smoking person also, still smells like new car inside and the interior looks like new.It was an opportunity, i was not willing to buy another car but when i heard that this person want's to sell it i said that i could not miss that opportunity and i've bought it! Now i will have to sell the blue " catamaran " as my wife is making some pressure in this sense, you know what i mean and how they are...
    ABS, VSA, Bluetooth, Commands on the steering wheel, bluetooth and cruise control, xenon headlights with washers, 1,7 inch rims with winter / sumer tires Michelin Alpine / Pilot primacy in very very good shape, rain sensors, lights sensors, vanity mirrors lights, 6 speed MT, leather and fabrique interior ( black ), rear view mirror with anti blinding sensor, 6 CD Premium Sound Sistem..that's about it.
    Full service History at local Honda dealer, i've made the last service not even 1000 km ago with all genuine Honda spearparts and oil.
  2. It's a rare colour. I like it too. More photos please.
    1. Dragos Avatar
      The thing about the colour is that it gets dirty very fast :Frown: and i was used to wash the car not so im like crazy, i runaway from home to wash the car, it seems to me that is never clean enough.The Quality of the original paint is awfull.
      Dragos, Wednesday 5th Nov, 2014
  3. Thats a lovely colour, I really like that. Got any more pics of her? Tell us a bit more about her. Have you got any plans for it, any mods etc?
    1. Dragos Avatar
      No, unfortunatedly i don't have at this moment because i did not had the time, those that i've posted are made with my mobile also, but soon it will be subject to a real photo session, with a real camera :Smile:
      Yes, the colour is very nice, but also very sensible to dirt, you have to wash it every 3 days maximum.
      Dragos, Wednesday 5th Nov, 2014