Accord 2.2 i-DTEC
Daily Driver Owned by Kristian

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Sports Grille
    Sports Pedals
    Bright metal gear shift :tut:
    Leather shift boot
    Stainless steel door step garnish
    ExLED USA Custom LED kit
    OEM AutoDAB integration
    H11 LED fog lights (DRL's)
  1. Very nice indeed...:clap:

    That sports grille really does make a huge difference :Smile:
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  2. Welcome @Kristian glad to see you back here you still working for Honda?
    1. Kristian Avatar
      @Ichiban I am not a mechanic, neither have I worked for Honda. Curious where you got that idea? :Smile:
      Kristian, Sunday 10th Jan, 2016
  3. Great to see your Accord in the garage. Please add more photographs.
    1. Kristian Avatar
      I will follow up on that request :Smile:
      Kristian, Wednesday 16th Dec, 2015
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