Accord CL9 K24
Daily Driver Owned by T1won25

  • This is my daily Honda I love it prefer & on my 15th Honda not one misses a beat . Solid & reliable if maintained any mileage . Honda for life can't love the vetec system enough.
  1. Thanks for the comments guys I've owned the car for 6 months in that time I've fully detailed & flat & polished whole car , It's all factory paint , am in the trade as a Bodyshop manager n passionate owning it . I only buy Hondas this is my first accord . I love it . Great on fuel , few things I need to do mechanically service etc oil filter . I've Refurbed the snowflake wheels but wanting different ones , the inner grab handles I painted in water base I made customly it's very close to cadburys purple . They are just a test of looks I may change to a suttle grey . New to the site so learning how to add photos to this thread
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      Nice to have a bodywork expert in the club! Where abouts are you based?
      exec, Friday 18th Dec, 2015
  2. Good to see you've re-sprayed the Epsilons. Did you clear coat them too?
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  3. Hi @T1won25 any chance of looking at the internal trims just want to see how it looks on the car.

    Nice DOHC stickers on the side a very 90's look.
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  4. She looks absolutely pristine. :Thumbup:
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  5. fantastic looking Accord you go there. I used to think that these alloys were only available on Diesels but they suit the Type-S bodykit very well