Accord ES GT "Speaker Box"
Daily Driver Owned by bassaholic

  • Everything is installed in such a way that it looks standard if you were to look in, the only give away would be the tweeters on the doors.
    the speakers were removed front he back shelf to allow bass from the boot to pass through
    the subs have custom molded fiberglass boxs fitted to the boot

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    The System

    1x set of MTX 6.5" High end Components (front)
    1x rear speakers, MTX but can't remember which model
    2x MTX 9512-04 Subs
    1x MTX Thunder 92001 Mono Block Amp
    1x MTX Thunder 7402 2 channel amp (powering front)
    1x MTX Thunder 5402 2 channel amp (powering rear)

    Other Work
    The only other work I got done was two exhausts put on the back
  1. Stunning Accord mate! This is the exact spec/colour/year of Accord I'm considering next. The ES GT looks sweet with the factory fitted bodykit, and the interior is lush! Love the boot install mate, looks perfect!
  2. redhot ! like Cheryl cole than again I think I prefer the car rather than her.. you cannot put into grear.. drool drool.