Accord Euro R
Daily Driver Owned by nas_r

  • 2004 Honda Accord Euro R
    I was told its Stealth Black but not heard of that colour for a Honda. I thought it looked like Nighthawk Black.

    I only use it as my daily so not going to be going crazy on mods. Just need a decent exhaust system and air intake in near future.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Currently it has:

    HKS Hypermax coilovers
    Wind deflectors
    Project Mu Pads all round
    Project Mu front Discs
    Now fitted with 18" OZ superleggera.
  1. Smashing looking Euro R.
    How many miles has she done?
  2. Looks very clean from top to bottom , was this for sale recently ?
    1. nas_r Avatar
      yeah that was me, i had it on pistonheads.
      nas_r, Tuesday 17th Feb, 2015
  3. Yeah, its Nighthawk Black, paint code B92P. Looks great polished up. She looks in good nick. What wind deflectors are those?
    1. nas_r Avatar
      Hmm not sure to be honest. Came with the car.
      nas_r, Tuesday 17th Feb, 2015
  4. She's looking well kept mate :Thumbup:
    1. nas_r Avatar
      Thanks - Yeah is pretty much mint on the outside with minor wear on seats inside. Very happy with it.
      nas_r, Tuesday 17th Feb, 2015
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