Accord i-CTDi Sport
Daily Driver Owned by simonp101

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    Integrated Bury THB universal Bluetooth phone cradle.
    Genuine carpet mats for summer. Non genuine tailored rubber mats for winter. Genuine plastic boot tray.
    Running a set of Summer and Winter tyres, swapped onto the standard 16" rims. Looking for a set of 17" wheels to run a new set of summer tyres next year.

    Service History & Related Threads

    First owner serviced at Kwik Fit for first 94,000 miles. Second owner serviced at generic garage. I now service at Honda dealer every 12 months as I only do 7,000 miles a year.
    New clutch master cylinder by Holdcroft Honda.
    Re-routed belt by Holdcroft Honda.
  1. She looks in lovely condition
  2. Looking good Simon. Looks like you look after her well. Nice beads :Smile:
  3. She looks in good condition. Please add more photographs.
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      simonp101, Monday 9th Mar, 2015