Accord i-Dtec
Previously Owned Owned by Pete Hall

  • High-ish mileage but has been looked after fairly well and serviced regularly . Seems to run pretty well and everything works which is a novelty after a 14 year old Mondeo diesel !!
    Only gripe I've got so far is the mpg ( low 40's ) but then it is an auto and a heavy one at that . It weighs the same as my last but one car , an Omega TD estate , which surprised me.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Standard apart from the 19" wheels on 35 ratio tyres which grip well but are a tad harsh over bumps and also follow every ridge and hollow . Luckily a set of standard wheels and tyres came with it so I'll probably swap them since I'm the age now where comfort wins over appearance and dynamic handling. Now what did I do with me carpet slippers
  1. TBH, I go for comfort too, but I may get some Deltas for my Accord.
    Please add more pictures when you can.
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