Accord - No 2
Daily Driver Owned by AccordMavman

  • My 2007 EX i-CTDI saloon in blueish silver, with parking sensors, sat nav & HFT. Full service history, 2 previous owners

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    None yet. However, once all mechanicals are sorted, a rear spoiler, a nice set of Pentas and a set of stainless sill kickplates should make a fair start...

    Service History & Related Threads

    September 2014 - 120k - all wheels balanced, tightened up loose bolt on n/side front suspension strut, repaired loose connection for rear inner side lights
    October 2014 - 121k - Timing chain, tensioners & oil nozzle gaskets, water pump, auxiliary belt all replaced, also engine oil flush, oil & filter & coolant replaced
    November 2014 - 122k - No 1 injector replaced (caused by owner being a numpty!)
    December 2014 - 123k - wiper blades and pollen filter replaced
    February 2015 - 125k service, to include new o/s front lower arm bush, new track rod end gaiters, new front discs & pads, brake fluid changed
    April 2015 - 127k - both rear anti roll bar links replaced, MOT, fuel flush treatment
    May 2015 - 128k - clutch master cylinder replaced
    July 2015 - 131k - oil & filter changed, power steering fluid replaced
    October 2015 - 135k - front tyres replaced (Goodyear Efficient Grips :Thumbup:), alignment checked - spot on!
    January 2016 - 137k service
    April 2016 - 141k - MOT - straight pass with no advisories..:Happy:
    May 2016 - 142k - offside rear ABS wheel sensor replaced, air con regassed - now ice cold..:Smile:
    July 2016 - 144k - oil and filter change, rear silencer removed and refitted
    September 2016 - 147k - rear shockers replaced
    October 2016 - 147k - battery replaced
    January 2017 - 150k - full service, including fresh coolant, brake fluid and transmission fluid
  1. Looks in very good condition buddy and I haven’t seen one this colour before either :Smile:
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  2. I never seen that colour on the road before, looks good. Much prefer it than the standard silver.
  3. Same color as mine, jealous of sat nav though. :Tongue:
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  4. That's a lovely colour.
    1. AccordMavman Avatar
      Thanks - still seems rare in this shade, not seen many others like mine... Would still have her repainted in Artic Blue tho if I could...
      AccordMavman, Thursday 13th Aug, 2015
  5. Blueish Silver Metalic looks good on the FL 7th Generation.
    Make sure you change the oil regularly
    1. AccordMavman Avatar
      Oh, I will be, especially in the light of my timing chain woes...
      AccordMavman, Thursday 2nd Oct, 2014
  6. A fairly rare colour for the Facelift, she looks great Mavman :Thumbup:
    1. AccordMavman Avatar
      Thanks, appreciate that!
      AccordMavman, Thursday 2nd Oct, 2014