Accord sj Saloon
Previously Owned Owned by accordheritage

  • Off to a new home. Had some lovely memories with the car.

    A 100 percent rust free example. Lovely smooth gearbox and very comfortable. Rear seat belts too so my family can all come for a drive too.
    If it needed better parts it gets them from the stock in the garage. Car looking very good.
  1. Gorgeous, and great colour!
  2. Absolutely beautiful!
  3. This takes me back to being 4 years old and my grandad picking me up from school every day in a light blue manual version of this. Sitting in the back while he drove everywhere at 20mph smoking away on Benson & Hedges in the front.
  4. That`s a sweet ride.
  5. Unbelievable. The paint, the interior, I hope to keep my S2000 like this...
  6. This is such a nice car. Reminds me of my youth. My uncle had exactly the same car (4D, same wheels, same color....) but with MT. He drove her for about 10 years and than started rusting. Such a shame. Het than bought another Accord, 2.0 petrol.
  7. A super example from Honda and a credit to you for finding her and giving her the TLC she deserves.
  8. Just wonderful! Japanese cars of this era were so much more interesting than the European alternatives...
  9. From the side this looks remarkably similar to a Toyota Cressida I used to own. In the same colour green as well. I wonder if Honda and Toyota either swapped ideas or worked together at the time. And shared the same paint maunfacturer.

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