Accord Sport
Daily Driver Owned by Sevdawg

  • My names Rich and I Recently bought myself a 55 plate Accord 2.2 i-CDTi with 100k on the clock and absolutely love it, totally standard apart from some aftermarket HID lights which i might need to make a better job of fitting (found 2 boxes either side stuffed in a plastic bag loose??)

    Its got a couple of marks here and there, but i'm in the right place to sort those (work at a motor factors in Loughborough)
  1. Lovely motor,but here in Ireland, any car over 1.4 cc costs a bomb to tax,think a 2 litre costs wrong side of e1000,so majority of folk are stuck,like me in a small litre car
  2. Cool motor. My brother had one bought it with 150k on clock and he used it for taxi and did another 200k.....yes 200k all in all it covered 350k and it was still running fine. Solid cars. his was the 2004 model in light blue. He only replaced a turbo once and it used to burn quite a bit of oil but no smoke and still ran great. The only niggle he had was when he would switch on the heater it would bring fumes into the cabin and nobody could ever get to the bottom of it.
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