Accord Tourer Type-S 8th Generation
Daily Driver Owned by macsandpcs

  • Accord Tourer Type-S 8th Generation, My best Honda yet!
  1. Love that colour :Thumbup:
  2. Simply wonderful!
  3. Very nice car and best colour in my view.
    This is what mine should have looked like std but due to loads of problems with it ended up changing quite a bit
    Wish I could use a camera, being colour blind doesn't help my cause
  4. Added a few more shots from your AOC garage page and put back the original added date :Smile:

    Definitely my favourite Accord Tourer :Friends:
  5. Wonderful atmospheric photograph of a stunning car at sunset. :Smile:
  6. Epic car mate. Makes me love the 8th Generation more and more.
    Looks absolutely mint.

    Loving the rolling shots too :Smile:
  7. Lovely!

    A fine example. The tourer was high on my list, but the CR-V deal was just too good to walk from.

    Pics like this put doubts in my head :Sobbing:
  8. Beautiful colour, wonderful car. I'm jealous that I can't have a Type-S as no automatic available...:Sorry:
  9. A car like yours deserves good photographs. Love the colour too.
  10. Stunning pic & stunning car!