Accord Tourer
Weekend Toy Owned by nauest

  • My New Honda Accord Tourer. I am poor Engineering Student but I am a petrol head with a passion for comfortable long distance cruisers and I am excited to bring the Excellent Accord Tourer into my car line up. I look forward to giving this car the TLC it needs.

    Full Exec package with Nav.
    Also has rear DVD player, roof bars, HFT, and parking sensors.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Upgraded discreet subwoofer
    Bluetooth to OEM direct patch in Audio Link
    Short Aux Belt
    Additional sound dampening throughout
    LED upgrade lights
    Tow Bar

    Service History & Related Threads

    Had a new engine and turbo at 87000 miles.

    Work I have done so far:
    New rear arb bushes
    New front Driveshafts
    Replaced camchain tensioner with updated design
    Fitted short Aux belt arrangement
    Overhauled fog lamps
    Fitted upgraded sub
    Overhauled alloy wheels
    Upgraded dipped beam headlamps
    New Drop links
    New front compliance bushes
  1. Great picture of the Accord driving through the stream / ford.

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  2. That's perfect. You've clearly got it in hand. :Niceone:
  3. Fine looking Tourer.
    Make sure you keep up with the oil changes on the I-CTDI or you could have problems.
    1. nauest Avatar
      Don't worry! My first service interval is 500 miles. Then switching to 6000 miles. I am using Exol 0w30.
      nauest, Saturday 28th Feb, 2015
  4. Looking good Ned.