Accord Type-R
Previously Owned Owned by fastphil

  • Modifications & Optional Extras

    modded custom 4 inch exhaust
    vtec direct header
    k&n filter modded airbox
    grooved discs
    ds2500 pads
    motul brake fluid
    ported cylinder head
    obd2 to obd1 ecu conversion
    running honda s300
    power 212 @ wheels
    tien strut brace
    dc5 alloys with Yokohama parada spec 2 tyres
    13.8 quarter mile crail raceway
  1. The one you let go...... :Frown:
    1. fastphil Avatar
      should have kept her i miss her never seen her since i sold her heard that the lad i sold her to killed her
      fastphil, Tuesday 16th Dec, 2014
  2. We're you at japfest2 with the ATR boys?
    1. fastphil Avatar
      no the last japfest i was at was in 2012
      fastphil, Friday 14th Nov, 2014
    2. MickyB Avatar
      It's just there was one of the guys from ATR at Japfest who unfortunately rolled.
      MickyB, Saturday 15th Nov, 2014
    3. toyracer69 Avatar
      That was my mate Dan that rolled his car. I was sharing a garage with him and people thought it was mine....
      toyracer69, Monday 8th Dec, 2014
  3. i wish i never sold her but hay ho we get older have kids so performance cars go out the window trying to convince the wife to let me get a S2000 but shes not having it :Laughing:
    1. toyracer69 Avatar
      4 doors and a boot, how much more family do you want.... :Wink:
      toyracer69, Monday 8th Dec, 2014
  4. Wished I'd owned an ATR at some point. Almost too late now.
  5. Sporty cars often lead to babies being made. Lol

    Car looks stunning
  6. Ha, ha. Never knew Honda made those too!
    1. toyracer69 Avatar
      They are the forgotten Type-R.... :Wink:
      toyracer69, Monday 8th Dec, 2014