Daily Driver Owned by n13ldo

  • Have a Parrot Asteroid Smart double din, in place of the storage bin under the OEM radio.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Reversing camera connected to the Parrot.
  1. Welcome :Smile:

    Just about to install my parrot asteroid smart in the cubby hole under the stock head unit. ...

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  2. @legend-ary meant more pictures of your car in general (not more of exhaust being fitted). I echo that too, would love to see more pics of your car. Do you have an aftermarket exhaust header fitted ?

    How are you finding the Parrot Asteroid Smart ? Would love to see pics of that installed as well please.
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    1. n13ldo Avatar
      Tried the aftermarket Metra 7803G but what a load of p*sh that was:

      The Parrot - what a :tut: nightmare that was, fitting and setup. Had a difficult time with the Parrot 'Unika' module working correctly with the steering wheel controls.

      After all that it works well, voice activated dialling and even reads out text messages. My missus always signs her txts like this 'C XXX' so the Parrot voices 'CEX' (all one word) :Grin:
      n13ldo, Monday 18th Jul, 2016
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      After my positive reply comes the negative. The license for the GPS map data resides in the secure area of the supplied 8gb SD card. This built-in GPS app is crud. If you want apps from the Play store then you have to root the unit and load maps manually. In my case I purchased TomTom. But after 30 days TomTom needs to refresh its license. TomTom blame Google, Google blame TomTom. Would I get a Asteroid Smart now? No. I got a cheapie Nuvi for GPS. Looking down while driving wasn't a good idea.
      n13ldo, Monday 18th Jul, 2016
  3. Sorry that's all I have. Photo was taken by Simon of 'Simon's Custom Exhuasts' (East Kilbride) January of this year. Has discoloured since then but as expected in the Central Scotland wet/salty climate.
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      of the car i meant :Smile:
      legend-ary, Monday 18th Jul, 2016
  4. SS exhaust! upload more photos please.
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