Daily Driver Owned by DrSam

  1. She really does look in smashing condition.
    (Sigh) Makes me miss my CN1 :Sobbing:
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    1. DrSam Avatar
      Its really been maintained by the previous owner. Just need to give it a good polish and clean the yellowing headlight myself and then fix the boot problem
      DrSam, Tuesday 25th Oct, 2016
  2. Looks in lovely condition - whats the mileage?
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    1. DrSam Avatar
      Ahhhhh, welllllll.
      Only 158,000
      DrSam, Thursday 29th Sep, 2016
    2. Nighthawk Avatar
      Only a baby then
      Nighthawk, Thursday 29th Sep, 2016
    3. DrSam Avatar
      It runs amazing, i driven new cars but this feels soo much better. Sometimes I think people clock the millage up on these cars because a high mileage car driving nice without any knocks or bangs
      DrSam, Thursday 29th Sep, 2016
  3. That looks really well looked after. Bodywork looks immaculate :Thumbup:
    1. DrSam Avatar
      It looks good in the pictures but someone has scratched and dented the passenger side wing before I went to buy. Lights are also yellow
      DrSam, Thursday 29th Sep, 2016
  4. Just purchased, needed a runaround so I thought I'd get a Honda Accord :Wink:
    More pictures to follow. I need to get my FR-V back on the road
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