Daily Driver Owned by arahman

  1. looks really nice :Thumbup:
  2. It's in very good condition inside and out, the previous owners took very good care of it
    1. Ichiban Avatar
      More pictures please.
      Ichiban, Saturday 8th Oct, 2016
    2. arahman Avatar
      Added :Smile:

      Can you delete the image 'd.jpg' for me please - it's a duplicate of another one, I can't see a delete option
      arahman, Sunday 9th Oct, 2016
    3. arahman Avatar
      The gear stick needs some TLC but all good apart from that!
      arahman, Sunday 9th Oct, 2016
  3. I like the 8th Generation I will get estate version as I have plans for one. Awesome car thou.
  4. A mint car you have there!
  5. Hey, this is a diesel model
  6. Welcome buddy is it a petrol or diesel ?