Daily Driver Owned by Zebster

  1. Some additional photos, this time with the replacement EP2 wheels that I bought a few weeks ago (same size, but different offset, so they do fill the arches a little better, in my opinion).
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    1. Nels Avatar
      Smashing spot for these photos.
      Nels, Thursday 15th Sep, 2016
    2. Zebster Avatar
      Thank you! I recently built a proper log store and got that log pile shifted off the drive way.
      Zebster, Thursday 15th Sep, 2016
    3. Nels Avatar
      A good log store will let them dry out properly, but you've still got fabulously relaxing views!
      Nels, Thursday 15th Sep, 2016
  2. Need more pictures bud :Niceone:
    1. jimjams Avatar
      apart from the engine, in all other respects the car closely resembles crate moss
      jimjams, Saturday 3rd Sep, 2016