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  • Hi guys and girls. just to share some pics of my ride, more to come.
  1. Very nice 8G Accord, love this colour :Niceone:
  2. I really like the sports grill. I have the same colour and model accord but would like to replace the chrome grill on my 2011.
    Could you let me know the part number I would need to quote at my local Honda dealership. Amazing how one small change can make such an impact on a cars looks..
    Best regards
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    2. Tim Martin Avatar
      Ok fair enough I'll give them a call. I presume as well as being fitted I'll need to pay for it to be colour coded. It looks great though
      Tim Martin, Thursday 7th Apr, 2016
    3. AccordCU2 Avatar
      It does look much nicer then standard grille.
      I bought my car with it already fitted but think they come colour coded.
      Ring Gaz at HH and he'll be able to tell you everything you need to know.
      When i bought rear spoiler it came in Cobalt blue and just needed fitting.

      Hope they are still available now that Accord has been discontinued.
      AccordCU2, Thursday 7th Apr, 2016
    4. Tim Martin Avatar
      True I guess if it is available still it will be surplus stock.
      I better get my skates on
      Tim Martin, Thursday 7th Apr, 2016
  3. Have you applied any protection to Delta Alloy wheels?
    Where diamond cut part of mine have corroded slightly at a stone chip I have touched up with Alabaster Silver metallic & then have to be very close up to notice difference.
    1. AccordCU2 Avatar
      No i did not sadly.All 4 are corroded and need refurb now.I have set of Stigmas to go on and then i will send Deltas to be done.
      AccordCU2, Monday 8th Feb, 2016
  4. Zokiiii great coulor :Smile: wish i had your sideskirts.
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    1. AccordCU2 Avatar
      Not as good as yours Boki but i am happy with it.
      AccordCU2, Tuesday 3rd Nov, 2015
  5. Love Cobalt Blue Zoran. :Niceone: Looks great on 8th Generation! Can't believe I've not liked and rated your car yet!
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    1. AccordCU2 Avatar
      Agree John.
      It looks fantastic when it's clean.
      AccordCU2, Friday 7th Aug, 2015
    2. John Dickson Avatar
      My Arctic Blue CL7 was similar. Excellent when it was clean but it did show the dirt quickly especially in winter with all the road salt.
      John Dickson, Friday 7th Aug, 2015
  6. Wow that colour is amazing!
  7. Whos selling the kits theres no contact details
  8. Cool need to give hh a call can't see any numbers tho
  9. Hi cheers zoran will look it up .. i also wanted know do they come painted or do i need to get them resprayed coz aint bought thr car yet don't wana get different colour
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