As promised my current Cars
Daily Driver Owned by Sam-Legend

  • As promised here are a few photo's of the current cars I own and drive on a daily basis,
    had the pleasure of owning numerous Honda's and many other German branded cars but my heart has always been loyal to Honda.
    I am far from being a professional photographer but took these today after their weekly wash.

    Honda Legend in Nighthawk black cream leather interior
  1. Lovely looking Legend :Thumbup:
  2. Lovely looking legend. How would you compare the two cars between each other? Which one is your preference?
  3. Prefer the Legend, and I also own a merc 320, but not for long as its heading back to the dealer after I discovered it has been clocked. Shame as its a beautiful car to drive.
    1. StuH Avatar
      How did you get on with rejecting the car?
      StuH, Sunday 14th Sep, 2014
    2. moob Avatar
      They sorted it out by showing it wasn't clocked with proof. I ended up selling it to a bloke from Wales. Lost £1300 in 5 months of ownership, ouch.
      moob, Tuesday 16th Sep, 2014
  4. :GoodJob:Are you a professional car collector, you have a real eye for luxury and class!!
    Mike c
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    1. Sam-Legend Avatar
      Hi Mike, No I would not class myself as a professional car collector just been fortunate to have owned many cars not all been luxury I can tell you lol, I can't actually remember off my top of my head how many cars I had ranging from NSX , m3, evo's , scooby, dc5 , honda sm-x etc but I always seem to come back to Honda.
      Sam-Legend, Tuesday 27th May, 2014
    2. Sam-Legend Avatar
      Just thought , lol it's very lucky my mother literally lives opposite to my home so I do use her driveways and car parks bays when I require the extra space
      Sam-Legend, Tuesday 27th May, 2014
  5. A car of quality, that's been looked after. :Smile:
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  6. That is one very nice looking Legend :Thumbup: