B Road Blaster-Ice cream getter
Weekend Toy Owned by urbancncboy

  • I brought this Car brand new in 1998, after 3 years of owning it, i started to modify it. Daily driver until 2006-Engine conversion. Proper quick car, sounded like a motorbike. Broken for parts in 2013 due to rusty rear arches, and the arrival of my second Son=no spare time, was a strange time in my journey.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    B18C5 Engine
    Standard Bottom end
    Worked Cylinder Head
    Supertech Stainless Steel Inlet valves
    Iconel Exhaust valves
    Ported and CC'd head
    Angry Cams-RaceDNA
    Z Speed Cam Pulley-Exhaust
    Port matched Inlet manifold
    Mugen Air Intake
    Mugen Front Strut Brace
    Mugen Plated diff
    Mugen MF8 Alloy Wheels
    Mugen Twin Loop Rear silencer
    Spoon B Pipe
    200 Cell race Cat-RaceDNA
    RaceDNA Manifold
    Honda OEM VTI-S front lip spoiler
    Walbro Fuel Pump
    RaceDNA Injectors
    Exedy Clutch-RaceDNA Spec
    My own Cam Cover design
    Blue NGK Plug leads

    240BHP & 160 LB/FT
  1. Wow I bet this was fun shame you had to get rid of her. My friend had an EK9 with a DC2 engine in it and was crazy quick n would rev up to 9k and like you said with yours it sounded like a motorbike :Smile:
  2. Wow ! Impressive spec list indeed ! This must have been mental to drive.
    1. urbancncboy Avatar
      Thanks, Yes was fun to drive. bit insane for the roads. It was so quick through the gears. I will build another one day if the 'Porsche' bug goes away.
      urbancncboy, Wednesday 17th Dec, 2014
  3. Thanks guys. It was a huge amount of money to do this right, and a special friend to carry out the engine work. I am going to do something cool with the K24 Cam Cover, but at the moment designing a Carbon Fiber airbox, not going to be easy.I have receipts for 26K for that EK4 and i brought it new for 15.5K. Crazy or just a passion? i'm not young anymore and have a family now, so i am trying to control the madness, but i feel the Accord will be getting very fizzy in January. I have witnessed 260HP B18's in light weight Hond'as and it scares you.
    1. DeviateDefiant Avatar
      Wow, okay that's a lot of money but I think the figures and spec list reflect the sheer amount that went into it. That's the thing with our CL9s, I'll hit 260hp some point this year, but it's never going to be scary or uncontrollable because of the 1400KG curb weight.

      Just a passion my friend, let's not consider the crazy side :Wink:
      DeviateDefiant, Friday 12th Dec, 2014
  4. B18C5 :happycrying: Another solid spec list there man, look at all those Mugen goodies! That's insane power to be pulling out of a naturally aspirated B18 :eek: There's absolutely thousands in work listed there.

    Huge love for the EK, still hoping to do my own B-Series build one day.
  5. Lot of work done and I love that engine cover!