Daily Driver Owned by Prousey1

  1. The accord is a 54 plate 2.4 executive with loads of Honda service history with receipts. I've owned her for nearly a year and have loved it.

    The modifications I've done are 35mm apexi lowering springs, rota gtr 18" 9.5j on rear and 8.5j on front, also I've modified a Civic Type-R aem v2 induction kit on it and it roars now. Ohh and the wrapped grill
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  2. Cool rims
    1. Prousey1 Avatar
      Thanks, they're rota gtr's 9.5j on rear and 8.5j on front
      Prousey1, Wednesday 20th Apr, 2016
  3. Agreed ... we need more pics. She looks very interesting!!
  4. Looks nice, would like to see more. Is that a private plate?
    1. Prousey1 Avatar
      No but I do want a private plate though! And yeah I need to take more photos of her
      Prousey1, Monday 11th Apr, 2016
    2. DrSam Avatar
      lol, looked like Bad Sully or Bad Sally
      DrSam, Monday 11th Apr, 2016