Daily Driver Owned by basher

  1. She looks lovely, tell us some more about her.

    Hows the mustang?
    1. basher Avatar
      Bought new in 2010 to replace a 59 plate Accord Tourer. Honda reduced the towing capacity of the Accord Auto and this meant it was no longer fit for purpose. I loved that car too and to date it was the most comfortable car I have ever driven. Honda were excellent and bought the Accord back off me and got me back into a CR-V. I was going to replace it with the new model but the car has been so reliable, it was brilliant in heavy snow and currently only has 48K on the clock.
      basher, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
    2. basher Avatar
      I imported the Mustang new in 2006 and it has been very modified. It is now supercharged (550bhp) and she'll spin the wheels on the motorway from 60mph when you put the power down hard. I have kept her looking as standard as possible as I like the stealthiness. It is mainly used for European road-trips, occasional track days (and yes it has been sorted so it does go around corners too) :-D
      basher, Wednesday 7th Jan, 2015
  2. She looks good @basher, but a few more photographs please, when you get chance. :Grin:
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