Weekend Toy Owned by dockertrigger

  • This is my little Civic called Blossom that i bought in June 2013. It's a 1 family owner from new car that i bought from the original owners nephew after being in his garage for 3 years and unused in his aunt's garage for another 2 years, since 1986 it's only done 11000 miles!.

    The car is a very early 1974 built model with a dealer fitted Weathershields fold back roof and is thought it have been the dealers display model for the first 2 years. I've had the front wings repaired in my ownership but other than that the bodywork is original and it's never been welded which is never heard off on there's early models!
  1. I've been playing about with this lately, I've replaced the fuel pump with a more expensive high quality which seems to be pumping the fuel threw far better, I found the low voltage lead inside the dizzy had been trapped by the dizzy cap and was sorting out so I've ran some instalation tape around that and replaced the points. It seems to be running much better now.

    It was mot time last week and the back box had started to blow so my tamed mechanic welded a patch on for me and it went straight though with no advisories, right result for a 40 year old car!.

    I've been in contact with Honda about confirmation of age so that I can try and claim tax exemption in April die to its 1974 built date, I'm not holding my breath on that but if you don't ask you don't get.
  2. Thank you, I haven't driven it for a month now, poor thing, I need to find a fuel pump for it too as i think the replacement one i bought isn't drawing up enough pressure.
  3. Superb mate and great to see these old cars still on the road; my old man had one of these on a P plate bronze colour with vinyl roof, even with 4 adults in it , it still used to motor along quite well, great little car
    Cheers Pete
  4. A car to be proud of. Well done Mike.
  5. Absolutely gorgeous.... not sure about the yellow VW though. :Laughing: