Bo's grey horse
Daily Driver Owned by Bo_

  • Got it just at last day of April this year (2016).
    In overall car is in good condition, just couple of bruises (scratches on rear wing, passenger door & mirror, so as couple chips from rocks).
    First to do is change clutch as it has started to slip.
    Next thereafter will be re-freshening of wheels. currently they are standard gunmetal grey. So my options are blast them and respray, OR....within last day or two I'm considering to anodise them.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Previous owner has fitted HID lights. Will see if I can pass MOT with them.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Except yearly stamps in book, there is no description of works done. :Frown:
  1. Small update...
    Haven't fitted rear view camera yet, as I just returned from holidays. And while I was away, my mechanic sorted out clutch :excited:
    But... there is a dark side of this as well.... VSA light came up after clutch was done :no:
    I did a bit of studying of this issue :book: and tried as everyone recommends to do first - read error and reset it. Surprise or not, 66-1 came up and did not let it delete.
    So my plan is as follows while driving with amber triangle on:
    * check if rear ABS sensor is at fault (read about this being at fault)
    * read for any other possible issues
    * if not - scrape some £ and get VSA module over to BBA for repair

    P.S. I' open for any other suggestions (if there are any) :help:
  2. Looks very refined in the grey, congrats on a nice purchase.
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  3. Loads a few more pictures fella.
  4. She looks lovely. Only let Honda change your clutch and don't take it to anyone else. Needs a special tool which only Honda have to get it to fit perfectly. Quite expensive to replace too, so prepare yourself
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  5. Nice looking CN1 :Whistle:
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