Bo's grey horse
Daily Driver Owned by Bo_

  • Got it just at last day of April this year (2016).
    In overall car is in good condition, just couple of bruises (scratches on rear wing, passenger door & mirror, so as couple chips from rocks).
    First to do is change clutch as it has started to slip.
    Next thereafter will be re-freshening of wheels. currently they are standard gunmetal grey. So my options are blast them and respray, OR....within last day or two I'm considering to anodise them.

    Modifications & Optional Extras

    Previous owner has fitted HID lights. Will see if I can pass MOT with them.

    Service History & Related Threads

    Except yearly stamps in book, there is no description of works done. :Frown:
  1. Been awhile since I’ve visited this site.
    Lot of things have happened (not all of them good), but now I’m back!
    Update on Accord - still running strong. Got sorted and re-sprayed after that accident. Booked in for service next week before MOT. And will go up for sale.
    Really don’t want to let it go, but something else will be worthy replacement.
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    1. Harvey Avatar
      It's a shame your getting rid mate. What's your new ride gonna be?
      Harvey, Tuesday 9th Jan, 2018
    2. Bo_ Avatar
      Harvey, check out later this weekend and you’ll see
      Bo_, Tuesday 9th Jan, 2018
  2. That's a nice looking car and graphite grey pearl is my new favourite colour
  3. Small update...
    Sent VSA module for refurbishing at ECU Testing. Did marvellous job - posted on Monday and had back on Thursday. All fine as I've yesterday passed MOT without any adversaries. :BooYeah:
    Only downside over Christmas my mechanic damaged slightly one wing with wheel. Had a wing replaced, but decided not to repair wheel. Asked him to get replacement. Meanwhile bought new set of wheels for peanuts.
    Some small visual upgrades in pipeline...:nodding:
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  4. Small update...
    Haven't fitted rear view camera yet, as I just returned from holidays. And while I was away, my mechanic sorted out clutch :excited:
    But... there is a dark side of this as well.... VSA light came up after clutch was done :no:
    I did a bit of studying of this issue :book: and tried as everyone recommends to do first - read error and reset it. Surprise or not, 66-1 came up and did not let it delete.
    So my plan is as follows while driving with amber triangle on:
    * check if rear ABS sensor is at fault (read about this being at fault)
    * read for any other possible issues
    * if not - scrape some £ and get VSA module over to BBA for repair

    P.S. I' open for any other suggestions (if there are any) :help:
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  5. Looks very refined in the grey, congrats on a nice purchase.
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  6. Loads a few more pictures fella.
  7. She looks lovely. Only let Honda change your clutch and don't take it to anyone else. Needs a special tool which only Honda have to get it to fit perfectly. Quite expensive to replace too, so prepare yourself
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  8. Nice looking CN1 :Whistle:
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