Bowler's CR-V ES
Daily Driver Owned by Bowler

  • Hi to all. Soon to be a honda owner. Next Friday will be swopping my BMW 3 series for a CR-V 2.2 Diesel ES
    Have enjoyed BMW ownership and there forum and event days
    Anything like that with Honda Owners. Do notice mainly Accords on the site (suppose the clues in the title)
    Bit of a cleaning nut and looking forward to working on the new car and getting good reflections from the Black paint.
    Have ordered some extras already. Wind deflectors and valve caps on there way
    Will post pictures when fettled.:Smile::Smile::Smile:
  1. Congrats on purchase and welcome to Honda ownership. You have saw the light at last :Smile:

    Not long into ownership myself.

    Great practical and cruising machine.

    Enjoy and look forward to updates
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